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We assist clients with the veterinary tests and examinations associated with the export of their pets. We would love to do what we can to make it easier for you. As this can be a complex process, we ask that you please book an appointment with Dr Amy Nicholson well in advance.

General rules and regulations:

  • Every country has its own rules and regulations. We will work with your preferred travel agency to perform the necessary tests according to the specific requirements advised by your travel agent.
  • Most international destinations require a valid rabies vaccination for travel.
  • The vaccination must have been given no more than one year, and no less than thirty days before the intended travel date.
  • The rabies vaccination is only considered valid once the pet has been permanently identified with a microchip. A microchip is always advised.
  • Please check your pet’s vaccination certificate and microchip certificate well in advance to ensure there are no delays when the time comes for your pet to travel.
  • All standard and required vaccinations should be kept up to date, this is for their own health as well as ensuring that a valid vaccination card is available should you need to board your pet at a reputable kennels before departure.
  • Most countries require an English import permit. We assist with the final health checks needed to obtain this certificate. This is then finalized with the state veterinarian.
  • Certain destinations require government laboratory blood testing for various diseases. We can facilitate these tests, but may require a short day stay with us.
  • Your pet’s original vaccination certificate and microchip certificates must accompany your pet to ALL export appointments, especially when tests will be performed.
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