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Pet Insurance:

We understand that medical expenses can leave you in a difficult financial situation, especially if it involves 24 hour monitoring or after-hours consultations and care. For this reason we strongly advise all pet owners to consider pet insurance.

We advise taking out a Pet Medical Insurance for your pet when they are as young as possible. Just like with human medical schemes, many pet insurance companies may exclude pre-existing medical conditions, in other words, don’t wait until your pet is sick before considering it.

Waiting periods and t’s & c’s apply.

Some Pet Insurance Companies also offer an “Accident” policy that allows you to have your pet join at an older age. This option might exclude illnesses, but will still be very helpful if an emergency should occur such as a poisoning, being hit by a car, near drownings etc…

Please also note that although we are recommending pet insurance, we are not affiliated with any of these companies. We advise you to please do your own research to find the pet insurance and plan that best suits your pet’s individual needs.

It is always the owners’ responsibility to find out if you have sufficient cover for a condition or procedure.

Here are some of the top pet insurance companies we often work with:

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