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At Bakenkop Animal clinic we are passionate about patient care, therefore we employ a large team of veterinary nurses who are there to love, care for and monitor our patients.

Our qualified veterinary nurses are trained to respond swiftly in an emergency situation and assist the veterinarians with all diagnostic tests and procedures.

Our veterinary nurses can assist with advice, bandage changes, suture removals, discharges and dental quotes, while consultations should wait for the next available veterinarian.

We also offer FREE basic healthcare advice consultations by appointment with one of our friendly veterinary nurses to discuss the following topics:

  • Is your pet eating the correct diet?
  • Is your pet at ideal weight?
  • When is the next vaccination / deworming due?
  • Do you need information on Pet Insurance Companies? etc…

To book your pet for an appointment please phone us on 012 653 4474

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