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Vaccinating your pet is the most important step in preventing your pet from contracting potentially fatal diseases.

Why are vaccinations important to your pet?

Proper vaccination is the only way to prevent your pet from developing potentially fatal diseases. Immunity does take time to develop, therefore a vaccination regime must be followed:

Puppies should be vaccinated at:
6 weeks – 5 in 1
9 weeks – 5 in 1
12 weeks – 5 in 1 and Rabies
16 weeks – 5 in1 and Rabies

Kittens should be vaccinated at:
9 weeks – 4 in 1
12 weeks – 4 in 1 and Rabies
16 weeks – 4 in1 and Rabies
Vaccinations against Feline Leukemia virus can also be added to the regime.

Vaccinating a sick animal does not stimulate enough immunity for that pet to be protected.

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